Courtyard weeder

Designed for the care of squares and roads with gravel surface. It perfectly cultivates the surface by digging into gravel or by pulling out grass and weeds.

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Tractor sweeper

Designed to sweep yards, squares and roads covered with cobblestones, concrete or asphalt. Indispensible to maintain the place tidy and clean. Different brushes can be used: plastic or metal.

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Brush weeder with mechanical drive

Designed for mechanical maintenance of the crops. The machine is equipped with working elements in the form of polypropylene brushes. Between the working sections there are covers that protect plants against the effects of the brushes, and against the excessive amount of soil. The main advantages of this machine is high precision, proximity of working brushes to plants and the possibility to use it in different soils.

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Garden roller

Made of 2 mm thick metal sheet. The roller’s cylinder is mounted on a shaft fixed to a frame made of flat bars constituting the frame. To the frame on both sides of the cylinder two counterweights are attached, which reduce the weight of the grip, and thus facilitate the work in the case of manual operation. Also, the wiper is attached to the frame, which prevents adhesion of the earth or other impurities to the roll shell. The force with which the scraper is adhered to the roll shell is adjusted by means of screws and springs. In the drum an opening is provided through which additional weight can be applied. The whole machine is powder-coated, which increases the durability and maintains the aesthetic appearance for a long time.

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Device "Queterm"

Used to combat fungi causing mummification of acorns by subjecting the acorns to temperature of 41 ° C for min. 2.5 hours. In the light of current research such an approach is the only effective and environmentally friendly way of protecting the acorns. The originator and creator of the prototype is the Head Forester of Forest District Świerczyna Mr.S. Ryder. He was also the first to successfully apply this type of device.

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Agrofleece pin

A very practical device designed to place agrofleece on croplands in order to protect plants. The pin is made of hot-galvanised steel.

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