Stairs made of powder-coated steel with self-suspended glass balustrade.

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Suspended steel stairs. Landings’ construction suspended on steel hanger bars. Self-suspended, glass balustrades on levels. Balustrades on flights made of glass and stainless steel. Steps are cast with concrete and finished with carpet.

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Spiral, self-suspended stairs made of steel and painted. The construction is suspended on steel lines going through the balustrade poles. The steps are made of glass. Stainless steel balustrade.

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Construction of spiral stairs made of steel. It is fixed to a steel beam and painted. Steps cast with concrete and finished with parquet. Balustrade is made of stainless steel.

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Stairs suspended on 6 steel rods with glass balustardes and wooden handrails with stainless steel joints.

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Escape stairs

Esjot produces escape stairs straight or spiral for exterior and interior use. The constructions are made of hot-galvanised steel. The treads are made of gratings or steel sheet. The stairs are made in compliant with Polish, Swedish and Norwegian standards and specifications.

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Hot-galvanised escape staircase.

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Hot-galvanised escape staircase.

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Technical stairs

Hot-galvanised technical stairs.

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