R.O.T. BUD Sp. z o.o.

R.O.T. BUD Sp. z o.o. 01 – 737 Warsaw, Elbląska Street 14 hereby certifies that company ESJOT Stanisław Janowski Spółka Komandytowa Zakład Pracy Chronionej located in Wałcz, Chrząstkowo 25 cooperated with our company in the scope of works: mounting balustrades and barriers made of stainless steel at an eight-storey building at Belgijska Street 11 in Warsaw.

We confirm that the contracted works were carried out on time, in a professional way and they are characterised by high quality. The Staff of the company Esjot proved to be a professional team with high qualifications.

The cooperation with ESJOT is excellent and we can recommend this company as a reliable business partner.

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