Warsbud s.c.

Esjot Company s.k., Wałcz 78-600 ul.Chrząstkowo 25, represented by Mr Stanisław Janowski has cooperated with Company Warsbud s.c. 01-244 Warszawa ul.Bema 65 since 1999. During this time Esjot Company delivered and mounted exterior balustrades on terraces and balconies as well as stairway balustrades in technology: stainless steel, aluminium and safety glass for an apartment estate „Park Wilanowski” ( approx.11000 m2 of dwelling area ) in Wilanowska Alley.

During the time of the project, both the company management and the employees acted in a highly professional way. The works carried out by Esjot Company are characterised by solidity, excellent quality, punctuality and an affordable price.

The evaluatin above was issued on the request of Esjot Company but at the same time in the belief that Esjot deserves to be trusted and approved.

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