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steel and glass in architecture

Since 1994, we have been assisting architects and investors in their most daring visions

We enable the creative realization of our clients' expectations, whether in commercial and large-scale buildings or individual designs for private spaces. We work in glass, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, as well as wood and aluminium. We create unique balustrades, staircases, façade fragments, canopies and other non-standard products, which are distinguished by the highest quality, both in the architectural, functional and aesthetic context. Our projects are sold to many European countries and all over the world.
of experience

As the owner of ESjOT, which has been in business continuously for almost 30 years, it is with great satisfaction that I observe the development of the company, which in its activities focusing on the realization of architectural challenges in façades, stairs and balustrades, covers Poland, Europe and world.

My founding vision was to provide services and products of the highest quality, and international expansion has allowed us to draw on the best business, technological and organizational models. Our market success would not have been possible without the commitment and experience of our employees, both the technology office and the production team. The continuity of employment, the possibility of development and shaping individual career paths, allowed us to create a team, which by binding its future to the company, creates its priceless human capital.

To meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding and highly specialized market, our technology office and in-house paint shop allow us to integrate the various production processes, maintain strict quality standards and create a closed loop for the production of components used in ongoing projects. This is our contribution to sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint. 

The high quality of our products, confirmed by TUV Rheinland's EN ISO 1090 certificate, and the technologies we use, position us among the companies most readily chosen by leaders in the construction industry to carry out their investments in accordance with BREEAM and LEED system certificates. We cooperate with, among others, SKANSKA Polska, SKANSKA Sverige A.B., HOCHTIEF, WARBUD S.A., STRABAG, ALPINE-BAU, IMPLENIA, BUDIMEX, VEIDEKKE.

Our priorities are constant development, knowledge and technology transfer, and care for the environment.

I put my own name to the quality of ESjOT products and services

ESjOT Founder & CEO

Design partners and technology office

Our technology office and its engineers and technologists, using CAD software, prepare the design/workshop documentation for each product, which undergoes 100% quality control. The standards of our work in this area have been recognized by GLASSOLUTIONS Saint-Gobain - a leading glass manufacturer, who has invited us to join the Design Partners network of companies that bring together the best in glass construction. In our work, we make use of the individual potential and directional training of our employees, as well as the experience of the team as a whole, without losing sight of the need for constant development, continuous improvement of qualifications and technology transfer. We know how to meet the high demands of our customers, partners and clients in the global market. We understand the importance of our customers' trust in the products and services offered under the ESjOT brand. 

Production and assembly

We own production facilities equipped with professional numerically controlled machines and state-of-the-art welding equipment, which are operated by highly experienced staff, thus ensuring high-quality products. Our measuring and assembling teams flexibly adapt to the requirements of our customers, regardless of the complexity of the projects implemented. We confidently declare that we can go anywhere and assemble under any conditions. You can see our production and manufacturing capabilities in our portfolio - Realizations.