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The TACK ROOM has been created to provide all horse enthusiasts with the highest quality products developed using the knowledge, technical expertise and modern equipment of ESjOT – a leader in steel and aluminum processing on the European market. We provide saddle boxes highly regarded by riders in various equestrian disciplines such as jumping, dressage, and eventing, as well as horse owners. There are thousands of satisfied users who enjoy our bespoke equipment every day. It is modern design, advanced technologies, the highest functionality, attention to detail and, above all, advanced personalization, that make our products unique.




The COMPACT riding box is ideal for children and riders who have one or two horses. Capacious and lightweight, it is equipped with a deep drawer to hold the rider's essential equipment; helmet, boots, cleaning agents. The space for saddles is very wide, allowing the crate to be conveniently packed and unpacked. On both sides of the box there are two hangers, extendable and detachable.


A box with extension that allows you to quickly increase your storage space anytime, anywhere, without the use of tools. It is super lightweight and can be lifted with leather handles. It is mounted to the box with hooks. The extension has a separate vent, and hinges that allow any position of the flap (180-degree range).


It is equipped with double doors for the comfortable storage of up to three saddles, saddle pads and bridlecoats. Divided into two spaces, with a compartment with drawers and a pull-out, wide collar rack, it allows you to fit all your equipment for a multi-day competition or a tour of several weeks. Despite its impressive size, it remains lightweight and rideable. Designed in cooperation with top riders, it is ergonomic, roomy and durable.


Created by combining the COMPETITION saddle box and the extension. It combines the features of a two-piece and extremely packable COMPETITION saddle box, offering additional, modular space to be placed on the top of the saddle box. It does not require any tool for its assembly and disassembly. A perfect solution for riders interested in the storage of a large amount of equipment in one, organized space, such as rugs (for summer and winter season), saddle pads and accesories.


COMPETITION case with EVO Slim extension. This set meets requirements of air carriers. EVO Slim extension has an adjustable door and hinges which allows to set the position of the flap according to the needs. It does not require any tool for its assembly and disassembly. The module can be mounted directly on the platform with wheels.


A complementary product expanding the offer, constructed by joining together at least two, to any number of modules. Each of the modules has an adjustable door and hinges which allows you to freely set the position of the flap. It divides the storage space into several independently closed chambers. This guarantees easy cleaning in individual sections, no diffusion of odors and obtaining a separate space for rugs, saddle pads and accessories. The possibility of transporting extentions on a platform with wheels.


Four wheels, folding, steel Saddle Rack, with a modular platform, divided into four independent and fully removable chambers. The Saddle Rack does not require any tools for its assembly and disassembly thanks to the practical folding and unfolding system. The hanger is equipped with 4 to 12 reinforcements for saddles, saddle pads and rugs. Moreover, it includes 24 racks for bridles, helmets and small buckles. The racks are positioned along the horizontal railing allowing full use of space and easy access. The adjustable height of the side arms and movable distances between reinforcements, provides comfortable regulation, tailored to the needs. In order to protect against corrosion, it has been fully galvanized. It is possible to paint it in any color.


A great solution to make everyday work in the stables easier. Made of powder-coated steel in dark graphite as standard, it can be painted in any colour from our sample book. The platform rotates in both directions and the rotary motion can be locked with the platform brake. The cart itself rotates in place on one pneumatic, inflatable wheel with brake and two 26 cm in diameter wheels. The centre pin holds the bale upright until the hay is finished. The reflexions make the trolley highly visible and safe for use in the stable. The comfortable handle can be folded away after use.


It has all the features for rider comfort and horse safety:

  • Robust, hot-dip galvanised steel frame, additionally reinforced
  • Axle and suspension supplied by the renowned company Knott
  • Lightweight and durable polyester roof with 4-rib reinforcements
  • High-quality plywood walls, covered with weather-resistant plastic
  • Reinforced fibreglass sandwich panel floor
  • Short drawbar for easy manoeuvring
  • Durable ramp covered with corrugated rubber